Ministerial Staff

This page is being updated – please check back soon for complete list of email addresses.

Jerry L. Stephenson, Senior Minister

Floyd Williamson, Associate Minister

Greg Posley, Student Minister

Mark Sutton, Student Minister


Joe Stephenson

Jerry L. Stephenson

C.H. Williams, Emeritus


James Frazier, Deacon

Robert Jordan, Deacon

Operational Staff Support

Richard Curry, Business Manager

Ernest Bledsaw, Youth Director

Dwyanne McGill, Business Committee

Dorothy Knight, Prison Ministry

Debora McGill, Child Abuse Outreach and Education Prevention Program

Lucinda Mack, Foster Care Coordinator

Stella Bullard, Foster Care Coordinator

Mache’ Wright, Ministry Coordinator

Rose Coleman, Secretary

Tony Burton, Home of New Beginnings

Gary King, Transportation

Olivia Hanley, Tutoring Coordinator

Midwest Village Summer Day Camp


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