Sick and Shut-In List

Midwest Sick and Shut-in List  for Week of October 2, 2011
Midwest Sick and Shut-in List  


Sisters: Elizabeth Campbell – Home; Louise Covington– Home; Savananh Johnson – Jewish Hospital;  Kaylin Leslie, Jewish Hospital,  TaJuana McIntyre – Home; Edna Murrell – Home;  Mary Murphy – Home; Teresa Turner, Home, Sandra Wilson – Home; Patricia Williams – Home


Beverly Mask –Home; Floyd Guin Jr. – Home; Robert Jordan – Home;  Aaron Patterson – Nursing Home; William Robinson – Home


Sisters: Pansy Anderson – Nursing Home; Annie Thomison – Home; Delma Wester – Nursing Home

Brothers: Nathaniel Anderson – Home; George Stewart – Home; Bobbie Thomison – Home; C. H. Williams, Elder Emeritus – Home


Sisters: Jackie Holman; TaJuana McIntyre; Mildred Purvis; Sandra Wilson; Mrs. Jessie Bennett   


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