The Village

Midwest has joined a Collaboration of Faith Communities that has come together to establish the Village Learning Centers that will:

1st, support, train and advocate for every child and youth to receive the intellectual development, motivation, social-emotional and cultural skills needed for successful work and lifelong learning in a diverse nation, as a result of having quality learning environments, challenging expectations and consistent formal and informal guidance and mentoring.

2nd, the Village Learning Centers will work with parents, grandparents and foster parents to understand the need for “school choice” and to help them help their children. We must train parents to be the driving force for the education of their children.

The Village Learning Centers provide the following opportunities and enrichment activities:

·      Computer Lab and Solicit from both Private and Public Sectors to provide computers for each participating family.

·      Educational Lab to include:

– Tutoring –

– Homecoming Assistance

– Education Workshops for youth and parents that will train parents, grandparents, foster parents and church volunteer’s the educational development of our children and youth and how to advocate for school choice in Jefferson County and the State of Kentucky.

– College and Vocational Education Tours

One of our main expectations from the “Village Learning Centers” is to help raise the reading, math and writing scores of children in Jefferson County Public Schools, reduce the high dropout rates and low academic test scores and to promote school choice in Kentucky. According to the National alliance for Youth, “America is failing to keep this Promise to millions of young people. In a competitive global economy where a high school degree is no longer a reliable ticket to a good job, a nation that fails to graduate approximately one-fourth of its young people from high school is clearly at risk.”


Village Learning and Development Learning Centers

Midwest Church of Christ (Central Operational Office)  2115 Garland Avenue, Louisville, KY  40211; Jerry L. Stephenson, Minister/Elder – Phone 502-774-3986; E-mail:

Newburg Church of Christ, 4700 Indian Trail, Louisville, KY. 40218; Kenneth Fleming, Minister; Phone 502-966-5171; E-mail:

Love of God Baptist Church, 2601 Montgomery Street, Louisville, KY  40212; Donnie Eddins, Minister;

Updated May 21, 2011 @ 11:35 p.m.


2 responses to “The Village

  1. diane henson

    I would like to sponsor a camper. Please contact me so I can send you a check for $450.00 My cell 552-3*** or my office 266-3***

    • Thank you very much for your generosity, Ms. Henson. Have a blessed day!

      You’ll receive a call from Pastor Stephenson tomorrow – I just forwarded your information to him.

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